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Bluetooth AoA locator device for indoor positioning system providers. The antenna array board includes 16 dual linear polarization patch antennas and an antenna switch for Bluetooth AoA CTE sampling.
It is to sample I/Q the CTE advertisement packet sent with the Bluetooth AoA tag. The I/Q sample can then be delivered for further processing by the positioning system via the LAN interface. It is possible to connect multiple locators to a PC through a LAN interface and use them with demo PC software to demonstrate AoA-based indoor positioning.

Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 AoA Locator

Operating frequency range: 2400-2483 MHz

AoA Antenna Array Board

Find Bluetooth 5.1 Reach Angle, Wireless Direction

Bluetooth Interior Positioning System

Datasheet (KOR)
Datasheet (ENG)

Product Specification
Size: 180.5 x 180.5 x 60 mm (h)

Weight: 550g

Color: Gray

Input voltage: DC 5V (1A)

Signal output: UART (Baud Rate: 921600)



LocationX(AOA/AOD) Locator

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