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Moreco3 Serial (AHRS)

Moreco3 Serial (AHRS)


Moreco3 Serial is an AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System) IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensor that uses a combination of a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and 3-axis geomagnetic sensor.

This sensor enables precise angle measurement and calculation, providing real-time data from various orientations and postures. TDK's ICM-42670 model is used as the accelerometer and gyroscope sensor, and Asahi Kasei's AK09915C is used as the geomagnetic sensor. These integrated technologies allow Moreco3 Serial to provide precise motion tracking and direction detection.

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​ Features

  1. Provides the same functionality as the DK-42670-P kit: The DK-42670-P replicates the characteristics of the original device, ensuring the exact functionality developers expect.

  2. Test immediately andField-applicable: The developed system can be immediately applied to actual test sites, shortening the transition time from development to actual use.

  3. Quick time to product with included cases: The productization process is streamlined and the included cases allow for a quick and easy transition to the final product.

  4. Use of UART interface: Processed data can be easily transmitted to the HOST system through the UART interface, making communication and data management easy.

  5. Invensense's support programs are available: All examples and test programs provided by Invensense are available, allowing developers to utilize various software resources to accelerate development.


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 Sensor specifications


 Electrical specifications





  1. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices: Tracking user movements.

  2. Drone: Flight stabilization and directional control.

  3. Sports & Fitness Tracker: Track exercise and steps.

  4. Automotive: safety systems, parking assistance, driver monitoring.

  5. home showAn system: motion detection and camera activation.

  6. Smart home automation: controlling lighting, home appliances.

  7. Industry and manufacturing: robot control, assembly line monitoring.

  8. Healthcare: Rehabilitation, movement-based diagnostics, surgical robotics.

  9. Wearable devices: Activity and posture tracking.

  10. Dance and Entertainment: Movement Capture and Analysis.

  11. Aviation and space: Orientation and position control of aircraft and satellites.

  12. Biomechanics: The study of human movement and motion.

  13. Earthquake detection and monitoring: Early detection and warning of earthquakes.

  14. Construction and construction: Monitoring the movement of machinery and equipment.

  15. Military and defense: Weapon system control and monitoring.

  16. Navigation and ocean exploration: control of ship direction and depth.

  17. Agriculture: Automated equipment and drone control.

  18. Video shooting and production: camera movement and stabilization.

  19. Robotics and artificial intelligence: automation and movement control.

  20. Smart Grid: Equipment and system reliability monitoring.

  21. Disaster and safety management: Motion-based hazard detection and alerting.

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