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BLE AOA/AOD Asset Tag Board Assembly

hello. I am an IT developer.

We are developing BLE AOA/AOD Asset Tag.

After the PCB was completed and there were things to check before actual production through testing and tuning, we collected about 6 units as samples.

I think it would be more correct to call it human SMT rather than a general method.

I'm going to test about 3 things.

  1. Electrical testing: Verify that all electrical connections on the PCB are correct

Soldering using a metal mast on the PCB to be assembled

The reflow process takes approximately 7 minutes.

PCBs completed through reflow do not come out perfect. The task of correcting incorrect parts through retouching is

Required. After modification, the following six results were obtained.

RF tuning and wireless charging coil tuning still remain.

In my next post, I plan to post about RF tuning and wireless charging coil tuning.



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